Icon Group Method.

The firm is uniquely positioned globally to ensure that all of our resources are committed to the success of each of our endeavors. Regardless of the stage of development, industry, focus or geography – we insure that the right people, with the right experience, and the right resources are available to every project that we are involved with in the areas of international venture capital, medical tourism and foreign educated medical professional recruiting.

The Icon Group has been industry-focused for more than a decade. The firm’s professionals are organized to provide the highest level of domain expertise to our client companies. This also facilitates the professionals’ understanding of the industry’s products, services, technologies and market trends. Extensive industry knowledge, in a global and local context, establishes Icon as a preferred partner for business executives and entrepreneurs.

Our flexibility is our strength. Each client has different needs and goals. The Icon team specializes in designing and personalizing a business model that fits each of our unique clients. What sets us apart from our fellow professionals in the recruiting and event production industries is our flexibility to continually meet our clients’ changing needs and goals.

Called by some, “the strategic partnering approach,” we refer to our singular leading strength as “The Icon Method.” Our method has earned us a reputation and client list that is second to none for our industries set of recruiting and event production. Our recruiting work also includes, when needed by the client, referrals to some of the finest visa and immigration legal counsel in the business.

The Icon method insures that after successful interview, every facet of the recruiting: the application; documentation; employment candidate English language competency testing; U.S. and state licensure application, testing and issuance; issuance process of the work visa or immigration visa; and, deployment from the home country to the United States, is managed in such a professional manner that the client is freed of any of these responsibilities. This sensible and attentive process enables our clients to focus on operating their business, and not on the business of recruiting. The Icon method insures mutually worthwhile and fruitful outcomes to all.

“We cast our net for the best foreign workers for U.S. industry from throughout the world”