Nurse Recruiting


The Icon Group is a noted recruiter of foreign-educated nurses. We have been in the business of recruiting nurses, therapist, pharmacists and medical technologist since 1996. Since 2001 through January 2013 we have deployed over 850 foreign-educated nurses from the Philippines to U.S. hospitals on a permanent placement basis. We are NOT a staffing agency. We believe that permanent placement trumps the staffing model in all situations. We provide permanent placement to hospitals nationwide. The cost of permanent placement is an investment in your hospital’s future; paying staffing agencies for temporary nurse staffing can be compared to burning money to heat your hospital. “Staffing accomplishes the goal, but at what irretrievable cost?”. Hospitals recover the cost of hiring a foreign recruited nurse in less than 4-months compared using staffed nurses.

Should you opt to utilize the services of The Icon Group, we can guarantee a pool of U.S. licensed and visa ready nurses for your hiring consideration that if hired, will become an anchor core of nurses working on 36-month contacts that would stabilize the turn over in your nurse employee resources. In our years of recruiting and placing over 850 foreign-nurses we have found that over 93% successfully complete their employment contract; and, 71% continue to work for the healthcare provider that recruited them after the expiry of their recruiting employment contracts. Imagine the benefit to your healthcare facility working with a recruiter that could guarantee a continual resource pool of qualified Registered Nurses.

Our nurse candidates only come from the Philippines. We have recruited the Philippines since 2001. They are educated their entire lives in the English language and trained in finest nursing schools and hospitals in the Philippines; a number of which are Joint Commission certified. The nurses have a current I-140 EB-3 priority date and are NCLEX and IELTS passed and, US licensed. All have current VisaScreens, or recently lapsed VisaScreens, that can be renewed at a small cost.

If the hired nurse is not licensed in the client’s state of employment, we will take care of all licensure by endorsement requirements so that the client-healthcare provider does not have to be concerned. We have nurses with visas ready to issue, immune from visa issuance challenges, despite these trying visa retrogression times. We take care of, and administer all transportation and logistics issues of the recruitment so that the client-hospital does not have to be concerned with the details of the recruitment. An Icon Group-represented nurse is guaranteed to fit right in with your medical facility’s operation. Let The Icon Group start today to solve and eliminate your permanent employee nursing shortage problem. It’s quite easy, actually.

All you have to do is call 1-360-697-7880 and speak to Phil Slaton or email to [email protected]. Or if you would prefer, use our Contact Us form on this Website.


1.    Prepare your professional résumé or CV in Western style. Please remember to be as detailed as possible. A 5 or 6 page résumé is perfectly acceptable to us. The more that you detail your experience, the better chance you have of being hired. Remember to include copies of your documents relative to your NCLEX and IELTS passage and date; your Nurse Licensure State in the US; your I-140 Approval Notice with Priority Date, and VisaScreen and expiry date.

2.     We are currently ONLY processing ‘’Abandoned Nurses” with 2005 or earlier Priority Dates and 2006 Priority Dates.

3.     The Icon Group and our POEA In-country Recruiter will place you with the employer based on your education, I-140 priority date and verifiable nursing experience and skills, and references at no cost to you. The employer will sponsor you for permanent residence status EB-3 (Green Card). The processing of the EB-3 visa will be done at not cost to you by the employer’s visa and immigration attorneys in the U.S.A. This will take several months.

5.     The Icon Group will pay for the renewal of your IELTS and VisaScreen certificate as needed. You will need the current VisaScreen certificate for the final visa interview at the US Embassy in Manila, and it is preferable to have this as early as possible.

6.     The Icon Group will keep your US nursing license current and if necessary endorse license you to the state of employment.

7.     Wait for INS approval of your petition, which can take 4 or 5 months after hire depending on many factors including the availability of interview appointment at the US Embassy and the applicant’s VisaScreen status.

8.    Upon INS approval, you will receive forms and instructions for final processing at the US Embassy in Manila. This will include medical exams and fingerprinting, and the interview at the US Embassy.

9.    After all of this you will receive a departure date and tickets to your new employment and life in America. Throughout the process The Icon Group will assist you in completing your dream of working in America.