Therapist Licensure

Therapist Licensure

Therapist Licensure

Icon’s Selection Criteria

We are recruiting physical therapists for physical therapist positions in various locations in the U.S. To be eligible for consideration, all candidates must possess:

  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (BSPT) Degree or Post Baccalaureate Degree from a recognized educational program.
    • A minimum of two years current work experience in a hospital setting.
    • Current license to practice in country of current residency.
    • A clear criminal record
    • Good health, as a mandatory physical examination is required for immigration purposes.

As part of the initial evaluation of your eligibility, we will arrange for a personal interview and require each candidate to complete a discipline specific skill analysis.

United States Licensure Requirements

Foreign educated physical therapists wishing to immigrate to the United States must pass two standardized tests required by US immigration. These are the:

Please note that the English Language exams are required before an Immigrant Visa application can be submitted.

Instructions on applying to write the NPTE

To receive NPTE Certification from the Federal State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) is a four step process for all foreign educated physical therapists.

Step One – Apply for an AIN Number from the FSBPT

All foreign educated physical therapy applicants must have a number to use en lieu of a social security number (not available to them until after final entry into the United States), for identification. For this purpose, the FSBPT issues an AIN number (Alternate Identification Number). Apply online at utilizing the AIN application form. The applicant will receive notice of this number and should keep note of this number and form in a secure place, as this number will be used by most agencies and the BOPT throughout the testing and licensing process.

Step Two – Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy (FCCPT)

All foreign educated physical therapists must complete the online application at Foreign Credentialing Commission of Physical Therapy (FCCPT) Please remember to check off that you are applying for the FCCPT Comprehensive Credentials Evaluation Certificate (Type I Certification). Please note the Type I Certification is required for Immigration and licensure purposes for all foreign educated physical therapists. The cost of the Type I Certification is $750.00US and takes approximately 8 – 12 weeks to review once all documents have been received by FCCPT.

Once your FCCPT Type I Certification Review is complete, the FCCPT will forward a copy of your Certification to the State Board of Nursing indicated on the application form and a copy to you. Please note that your FCCPT Type 1 Certificate is needed prior to your Immigrant Visa Petition to be submitted to the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS).

Step Three – English Language Examinations

Apply and write the TOEFL iBT English Language Examinations . Please remember to request that your TOEFL iBT scores be forwarded directly from ETS to:

  • FCCPT – institution code 8164
  • The State Board of Physical Therapy that the applicant wants to be licensed in

The passing scores for the English Language Examinations are:

  • TOEFL iBT – Total 89 and 26 on the speaking section

Please note that your English results must be received prior to your FCCPT application being approved and having your certificate issued.

Step Four – National Physical Therapist Examination (NTPE):

First the applicant must apply with a state board of physical therapy (BOPT). The state board will assign a file number and assemble all necessary documents and required reports (such as the credentialing report directly from FCCPT and English Proficiency test scores directly from the ETS) into the applicant’s file. Once the BOPT approves authorization for the applicant to register for the NPTE, the PT is notified to register with the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) at

After Registration with the FSBPT the applicant must notify the BOPT in question that they have registered with FSBPT. At that time the BOPT will make the Applicant eligible, and will notify FSBPT through internal system. The FSBPT will then issue the applicant an ATT (Authorization to Test). The applicant will be notified by email and postal letter.

As soon as the applicant has the ATT, the actual booking of the Exam can be accomplished. The applicant does so online with Prometric Test Center Services at .

The applicant will need to select the city and test center. Currently the NPTE Exam is given several times per year on specific dates (see Please note that the NPTE examination can be taken at any one of the 300 Prometric testing centers throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands ONLY.

NPTE Examination Details

The National Physical Therapist Examination (NPTE) is a 5 hour computerized examination consisting of 250 multiple choice questions. The passing score is a score of 600. Please click here to download the NPTE Candidate Handbook .

NPTE Examination Review Materials

Below is a list of review material that has been used by previous candidates:

The Icon Group recruits physical therapists for direct placement with American health care employers. We are not a staffing agency and we do not place physical therapists into temporary positions.